Main Chemicals
Sodium SulphideDark Yellow FlakesAs a hair removal agent for various pelts
Nanofix GreenTransparent clear Liquid Substitution of Formic acid 85%, odorless and colorless, without corrosion effect on human body
Basic Chromium SulphateGreen PowderTanning agent, hexavalent VI free
Liming & Deliming Agent
Rockaltal RMBClear to turbid LiquidAn anti-creasing agent
Epizodel X2White Free-Floating PowderDeliming agent which is a combination of Sodium acetate, sodium metabisulfite and common salt
Rockaltal FOff White PowderAn ammonium sulphated based deliming agent
Rockenzyme 7500-LLight Beige PowderEnzymatic soaking agent for raw skins with 1500 lvu
ROCKENZYME ANWAWhite PowderIt is a protease and other enzymes mixture to expand the area of the crust
Rockenzyme WS-20Free floating white Powder An alkaline enzymatic soaking auxiliary for green and salted raw skins
Degreasing Agent
Rapinal BClear viscous LiquidAn eco-friendly nonionic degreasing agent for beamhouse and retannage processes
Rockol DGS-100Colorless to slightly yellow clear LiquidA solvent-based degreasing agent with the advantage of proper water solubility in beamhouse process
Soaking & Wetting agent
Rockol WTOPale Yellow Clear LiquidA very strong wetting agent with a very high penetration. For wetting the dry and fresh pelts
Rockol L-251Yellowish clear Liquid An anionic soap as a wetting agent, proper for soaking process
NEGAHDAR IST-WBClear brownish LiquidA suitable antibacterial agent with phenol derivatives
Tanning & Retanning Agent
FORMINAT L -191Off-white PowderSodium Formate substitution
Rockytan RR7Light brown PowderA resin tanning agent, based on DCDA, with a strong filling effect on loose parts like bellies
Rockytan ROSOff-white PowderA phenol based syntan for chrome and vegetable tannage
Rockytan RP2Beige PowderNaphthalene based synthetic retanning agent which can be used in any type of leather. It is suitable for dispersing and levelling of dyes
Rockytan RDWhite Powder A pure melamine syntan with steady softness and fullness effects
Rockytan RPAKLight Beige PowderA neutralizing syntan, which keeps the pH in a proper range
Rockytan RE-600Clear light-yellow LiquidA copolymer acrylic syntan with 40% activity
Rockytan RE-808Light Yellowish viscose LiquidA homopolymer acrylic syntan with 20% activity
Rockytan RHMNBeige PowderA retanning agent, based on amino resins, for the retanning of all types of leathers
Rockytan NLBWhite powderA melamine and phenol copolymer syntan with softness, tightness and good filling properties
Rockytan RABWhite PowderA phenolic condensation product, used in any white and soft leathers
ROCKYTAN RALWhite PowderAluminum Tri formate based syntan
Rockytan VEG-420Beige PowderA full vegetable and free of any synthetic and mineral chemicals tanning agent
Rockol LNE-918Clear brownish LiquidLicithine along with sulphited marine oil based fatliquor, which gives softness, weight, fulness and very good touch on light and heavy leathers. This fatliquor is almost without any fish smell. For upper shoe it can be used 8-10% and for napa not exceed more than 4%
ROCKOL MSO-250Clear brownish LiquidSperm marine sulphited oil based fatliquor, which gives softness, weight, fulness and very good touch on light and heavy leathers. This fatliquor is almost without any fish smell. For upper shoe it can be used 8-10% and for napa not exceed more than 4%
Rockol RSLClear red wine LiquidAn anionic fatliquor, based on sulphited vegetable and synthetic oils which gives a good fulness, softness and weight to leather
Rockol ATLASDark brown viscose LiquidA universal fatliquor, based on sulphited vegetable oils with great softness and smoothness, which can be used in all types of light leather
Rockol FM-222Brownish clear LiquidA general-purpose anionic marine-oil-based fatliquor
Rockol SAPIROMClear light brown LiquidSulphited synthetic and vegetable oils based fatliquor, with high penetration effect and giving a great softness to both surface and in-depth
Rockol RUFClear Brownish LiquidA fatliquor, based on sulphited synthetic and natural oils with high fastness and softness to the grain
Rockol CS-414Brownish clear LiquidA synthetic fatliquor, which has high penetration and solubility plus uniform dispersion and moderate to high softness effect
Penator 550-SClear watery viscose LiquidA supplementary fatliquor to help emulsification and penetration of other oils in waters with high hardness
Rockawax Montra PlusMilky and flowable low viscose LiquidA flowable polyethylene and carnuba wax emulsion, with strong thermal resistance, causes to decrease adhesion on press and a thin and flexible film
Rocklaqour EMC-99 100%Yellow LiquidA double-purpose nitrocellulose lacquer, which can be diluted with both water and solvents, and can be applied by spraying on all types of leather
Rocklaqour EMC-99 50%Milky liquid A Hydro-nitrocellulose lacquer, which can be diluted with solvent and applied by spraying on all types of leather