Leather Chemicals

Main Materials
Sodium SulphideUsed as a hair remover in PAINTING and LIMIMG stages
Rockformin ECO-FIXA combination of organic and inorganic acids substitute of formic acid
Rockformin GREENA combination of non-irritating and odorless acidic sulfates substitute of formic acid
Basic Chromium SulphateGreen powder tanning material for non-herbal tanning
Liming Agent
Rockaltal RMBWrinkle remover used in combination with sodium sulfide to remove hair and not to shock the skin
De-Liming Agent
Epizodel X2A very strong lime trapping agent that can be used alone
Rockaltal FLime trapping agent weighing and softening skin
Rockaltal MSSuitable lime trapping and alternative to sodium metabisulfite without creating an unpleasant odor
Rockenzyme WS-20Soaking enzyme with 1500lvu
Rockenzyme 7500An alkali substance having protease enzyme with 1500lvu, containing salt and ammonium buffers
Rockenzyme ANWAAn acidic washing protease bacterium with anti-wrinkle effect
Degreasing Agent
Rapinal BAn eco-friendly nonionic degreaser for beam house and retaining stages
Rockol 642Strong degreaser with a high percentage for beam house and retaining stages
Rockol DGS-100A solvent degreaser, one of the advantages of which is dissolving in water suitable for beam house
Rockol WTOOne of the strongest wetting agents with excellent penetrating power
Wetting and soaking agent
Rockol L-151A strong anionic wetting agent with an alkyl aryl sulfonate base for soaking stage
Rockol L-251A suitable anionic wetting agent with alkyl aryl sulfonate base, for soaking stage
Rockol WTOOne of the strongest wetting agents with high penetration power
Antbacterial and fungicides
Rockbiocide IST-WBA suitable antibacterial based on phenol derivatives
Rockbiocide LP-30A strong fungicide or antifungal with TCMTB base
Tanning & Retanning
Rockytan P100Polymer syntan used in PICKLING stage and before TANNING for certain filling and high thickness of leather
Rockytan P-98Protein syntan with excellent filling effect on leather and full coverage of cavities
Rockytan ALAluminum tanning agent
Rockytan VEG-420New generation of herbal tanning agent
Rockytan RRNChrome-aluminum syntan with the advantage of better leather appearance and increased sanding and paint polishing in the final product
Nutramol MOAlkalizing agent for chromium tanning based on magnesium oxide
Rockytan RR7Di cyan diamide (DCD) based resin syntan with strong filling properties under the abdomen
Rockytan RHMNDi Cyan Diamide (DCD) base resin syntan with a lighter color and softer than Rockytan RR7
Rockytan LFPhenolic syntan with a ph of about 6 with the advantage of filling and creating a spongy state effective in good penetration of plant materials
Rockytan RHPSynth chrome-phenol bringing puffy and spongy state, good filling, and color uniformity to leather
Rockytan NLBPhenol-melamine syntan with softness, increased firmness, good filling (without emptying the leather), no color change and suitable for white or light leathers
Rockytan RDLEPhenolic syntan with softness, good fullness, no color change and suitable for white or light leathers, suitable for white crust
Rockytan ROSA syntan substitute for phenolic plant-based materials, with medium filling properties and medium softness, increasing strength and reducing elasticity of leather
Rockytan RABPure phenolic syntan with high bleaching effect and for the production of white leathers with good softness and good fullness, especially for the middle of the leather and to prevent the leather from becoming empty and empty.
Rockytan RP2syntan based on naphthalene sulfonic acid as a strong penetrant with a suitable acid number to facilitate the penetration of dyes and plant materials and high dispersion in all layers of leather
Rockytan RSNNaphthalene syntan for penetration and dispersion of plant materials and dyes, high permeability due to low acid number and no color change and increased stiffness and dryness of leather
Rockytan RPRNaphthalene syntan for penetration and dispersion of plant materials and dyes without color change, high permeability due to low acid number and increased stiffness and dryness of leather
Rockytan RDSyntan based on pure melamine with the same softness and filling and uniformity
Rockytan RPAKNeutralizer used with sodium format maintaining a good Ph
Rockytan TAKNeutralizing syntan, a good alternative to baking soda or other neutralizing agents
Rockytan RE-808Acrylic-based syntan with a solid content of 20 to 22% with acceptable softness and medium filling
Rockytan RE-600Acrylic-based syntan with a solid content of 30 to 35% and very acceptable filling
Rockol RSLOil based on sulfated soybean oil with excellent filling properties on leather
Rockol ATLASNatural oil with high absorption and softness, creating good appearance and versatile oil for all types of leather
Rockol FM-222Oil based on sulfated fish oil with excellent performance and softness, used in all leather products
Rockol OFLOil based on fish oil (sea) with the advantage of less odor and excellent filling properties and weight
Rockol 710Sulfated Castor oil, widely used in the production of cumin.
Rockol LNE-918Semi-synthetic (semi-natural) oil with good undercoat and high absorption for light leathers
Rockol SAPIROMSemi-synthetic (semi-natural) oil with high penetration, odorless, which opens and softens the depth of the leather surface
Rockol RUFSemi-synthetic surface oil creating hardness and softness of the face and leather surface
Rockol CS-414Synthetic oil with very high penetration and high solubility, perfectly uniform distribution, medium to high softness
Rockol Sherup-1194Synthetic oil with good penetration and medium to excellent softness and light resistance
Pentor 550Tanning supplement agent to facilitate the solubility of oils in high hardness waters
Rocklaqour EMC-99 50%Water-soluble nitrocellulose varnish creating a protective layer and acceptable shine to leather
Rocklaqour EMC-99 100%Water-soluble and solvent Nitrocellulose varnish creating a protective layer and acceptable shine to leather
Rocksolve MGDiluent solvent for varnishes
Rockawax Montra PluseVaccine with high thermal resistance properties reduces the adhesion of the press and creates a thin and flexible film to increase the softness of leather.
Rockpigment Shabrang-73Black pigment creating a uniform black appearance on leather
Rockacryl AM-144Acrylic base resin 22% with high softness, which can be used both alone and with other finish materials
Rockacryl AE-105Acrylic base resin42% with high softness, which can be used alone or with other finish materials