Nanofix Green

Nanofix Green is an Eco-friendly alternative for industrial grade Formic acid 85% which is commonly used in leather industry.



Appearance Clear Liquid
Odor Odorless
Color Colorless
Flammability Non-flammable
pH (1:10 Solution) Max 1
Solubility Soluble in water
Density (gr/cm3) 1.4
Packing 35 Kg’s PE Drums & IBC Tank
Shelf life 12 months

Application & Recommendation

Nanofix Green is suitable for all kinds of leathers wherever Formic acid 8a% is used. It can replace formic 85% in any formulation.

Nanofix Green is exothermal just like any other acids commonly used in tanneries. When water is added, it increases the temperature of the solution during the diluting process.

Nanofix Green (SAFE ACID) should be diluted with water with the portion of 1:10 exactly the same as Formic acid. 10% solution can be safely used to lower the pH during wetting back (re- chroming).


Non-polluting, eco-friendly and directreplacement for 85% strength Formic acid in any formulations. (No need to change the formulation)

An additive which imparts more smoothness to the leather surface than formic acid.
Unlike formic acid, this product is not harmful for skin and safe to handle.

Smell of acids does not remain in leathers after the final washing step.

It produces less hydro & Oxy groups thus the leathers will be stronger and darker in dye shades after fixation.

It accelerates acid penetration in the pickling stage. It leads to tighter, fuller and smoother grains in wet-blues after chrome tannage.

Lower the BOD & COD content in the effluents than Formic acid.
It does not lead to evaporate any smell of fumes during the dilution, because the product does not contain Sulfuric, Hydrochloric or Formic acids.

This product is NIL (100% free of Formaldehyde)