Rockytan RP2

Rockytan RP2 is a weak acid, naphthalene-based synthetic retanning agent which is used in any type of leather. It has a great filling effect on loose parts of the leather-like bellies and shanks.


Application & Recommendation

Rockytan RP2 imparts the leather a very good filling. If Rockytan RP2 is used with Rockytan RR7 or vegetable tanning agents, it will make a bleaching effect on the dye.

It is recommended that this product be used alone or in combination with other chemicals for white crusts. Rockytan RP2 can be used in neutralization with other neutralizing agents like sodium formate and bicarbonate to decrease the superficial deposition of retanning materials. The consumption rate varies with the type of leather and is about 1-7% (based on the shaved weight) after neutralization and dyeing. Rockytan RP2 also makes a great dispersing impact on dyestuffs, amino resins, and replacement syntans.