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A brief overview

The Rock Chemie industrial group specializes in the manufacturing of a diverse range of specialized chemicals that are needed by various industries, including Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Water, Textile, Leather, Detergent, Cosmetics, and Mining. Additionally, They produce agricultural and petroleum additives, coal, and pesticides. 
Established in 1989 by Dr.  Mohammad Hossein Zahtabchian, Rock Chemie has become one of the leading manufacturers of raw materials. With a vast production volume and a repertoire of 700 different chemical types, the company has earned a prominent position in the industry. 
The factories of Rock Chemie group are situated in the Eshtehard Industrial Town. 
Committed to excellence, Rock Chemie maintains an integrated management system that adheres to the ISO10004, ISO10002, ISO45001, ISO14001, and ISO9001 standards. These standards have been officially certified by SGS, a reputable authority in the field. 
Notably, Rock Chemie has established a strong presence in both domestic and international markets. While capturing a considerable share of the domestic market, the company has successfully exported its products to 68 countries, thus solidifying its status as a pioneer in the export of chemical products in Iran. 
The company has also been recognized as a national model exporter in 2002, 2006, 2009, and 2013.
Leveraging the expertise of its experienced research and development team, both within and outside of Iran, Rock Chemie is capable of simulating numerous imported and domestically produced products in the market. This knowledge-driven company continues to innovate and contribute to the industry’s advancement.


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