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Simulating your products

Having an innovative research unit, we can simulate chemical products to your order. If these products are economical in the existing domestic market, if there is no domestic producer, and if you have a suitable volume of sales, we will also take part in the simulation cost.

Our equipment and machinery for you

We have a variety of equipment to perform a variety of chemical processes. Having an appropriate production capacity, we can cooperate to help Iranian industries and artisans possessing the market and production technology.

Specialized machine-building workshops

Relying on our group’s experience of designing, manufacturing and installing machinery, we announce our readiness to design the chemical process, to design and manufacture the required machinery and even to install and invest.

Granting representativeness

We are ready to represent powerful companies in mining, leather, agriculture, oil, gas and textile industries and products. Our technical team will serve the representatives, and our appropriate production capacity and high logistic capacity are our advantages.

Being granted representativeness:

Due to the established and specialized sales unit and long and effective relations with various industries in the chemical field, we are ready to receive representation in the field of chemical raw materials, specialized materials of steel, textile, paint and resin, and mining industries.


Rock Chemie industrial group was founded in 1989 by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Zehtabchian in Eshtehrad industrial complex.

The company with more than three decades of brilliant history, manufactures 700 various kinds of chemicals needed by 12 industries including; Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Textile, Leather, Agricultural pesticides, Paint & Coating, Detergents, Concrete & Construct, Steel, Mining, Water Treatment, Ceramic and Defoamers.

Based on our annual production capacity which is 300/000 tons and exporting to more than 68 countries all around the world, we are honored to have won the award as the top exporter of Iran in different years.

Rock Chemie has managed to receive international certificates in integrated management system including (ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 10002, and ISO 10004), and relevant certificates issued by Switzerland SGS.

Rock Chemie competent R&D and R&I teams, which are based across the globe, have trend the company into a knowledge- based company in 2014, which is capable of customized and tailor-made productions accordingly.


Chemically Yours

Sodium Naphthalene Formaldehyde


Chromium Sulphate

Sodium Sulphate


Meeting at the 25th International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition at the Tehran International Exhibition Center.

Date: 2 to 5 Bahman 99

Rock Chemie Booth: Hall 5, Booth 1576


Meeting at the 20th International Exhibition of Paints, Resins, Industrial Coatings, Composite Materials and Plating Industry at the Tehran International Exhibition Center.

Date: 10 to 13 Bahman 99

Rock Chemie Booth: Hall 6, Booth 1


Meeting at the 20th International Exhibition of Machinery, Raw Materials, Home Textiles, Embroidery Machines and Textile Products at the Tehran International Exhibition Center.

Date: 06 to 22 Bahman 99

Rock Chemie Booth: Hall 6, Booth 610/1


Meeting at the 20th International Exhibition of Water Industry and Water and Sewerage Facilities of Iran at the Tehran International Exhibition   Center.

Date: 23- 26 Dei 99

Rock Chemie Booth: Hall 7, Booth 1238