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Water industry


Products Description
MorpholineCorrosion inhibitor agent for aqueous systems
N-formyl morpholine 99.5% Selective solvent for olefin line separation process
Rockdizol T-100Corrosion inhibitor agent (oil soluble and water dispersant)
Rockdizol T-200Corrosion inhibitor agent (oil/solvent based)
Rockscavenger HS
(1-3-5 triazine)
Base of H2S scavenger for water system
Scaliptor CA (Carboxylic acid)Base of anti-scaling agent
Scaliptor PAA
(Polyacrylic acid 30% and 50%)
Base of anti-scaling agent
Scaliptor MAA-5
(Acrylic acid – Maleic anhydride)
One of the active ingredients against acid deposition
MergatilBiocide based on (CMIT/MIT and Formaldehyde)
Rockscavanger Triazin based H2S scavenger
Rockinhibitor Corrosion Inhibitor based on Morpholine and Imidazoline
Bertafoam/Eliminafoam/Rockdefoamer Silicone and non-silicone antifoams