Rockawax Montra Plus

Rockawax Montra Plus is used in water finishes to improve the fullness, touch and smoothness of the leather surfaces.

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Application & Recommendation

 Rockawax Montra Plus improves the fullness, glazing and repolishing properties. If Rockawax Montra Plus is used with emulsion lacquer, it makes finish with less glossy surface and smooth touch. Rockawax Montra Plus is used in any finish where the excellent touch and feel are required. If it is used in base coats, the filling will be improved, the absorption will be leveled and the number of grain faults will be reduced. Due to its nature, it covers a wide range of temperatures in polishing, plating and ironing. Rockawax Montra Plus is compatible with other protein finishes to achieve a pleasant surface touch. Rockawax Montra Plus is suitable for upper, softy, nappa, glaze, garment and vegetable leathers.