Rapinal B

Rapinal B is a powerful nonionic degreasing agent suitable for all kinds of hides and skins.

It also can be used during the soaking, liming, deliming and bathing processes to accelerate them and giving cleaner, smoother and more uniform pelts.

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Application & Recommendation

Rapinal B has outstanding emulsifying and power for fats, fatty acids, and dirt of all kinds. It brings even more distribution of fats and facilitates penetration of the chemicals. It can be used in the alkaline and acid pH ranges. It dissolves equally well and quickly in both cold and warm water.

Rapinal B is free of alkylphenol (AP) and alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO) and readily biodegradable.

Rapinal B liquid may precipitate if used with vegetable and synthetic replacement syntans. Separate baths should therefore be used when working with such products.