Rockenzyme 7500-L

Rockenzyme 7500-L is a protease alkaline bating agent which contains ammonium salts and buffers.
Rockenzyme 7500-L is suitable for all kinds of pelts. By applying Rockenzyme 7500-L the grain clarity and smoothness will be improved and all excess proteins will be dissolved and removed from the hides and skins.

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Appearance Cream Powder
Nature Protease Alkaline Enzyme
Solid Content, % Min 97
pH (1:10 Solution) 7-8
Activity, % 1500 LVU
Solubility Non-Soluble
Density (gr/cm3) 0.8 – 0.9
Packing 25 Kg’s PE Bags
Shelf life 24 months

Application & Recommendation

Rockenzyme 7500-L is very effective at temperature of 33 – 37°C and pH Value 8.3. Used quantity is different based on the type of pelt and degree of required effect.

The recommendation for use is:
0.5-1.0% (Pelt wt.) Cow
0.4-0.6% (Pelt wt.) Sheep
0.4-1.3% (Pelt wt.) Goat
1.5-2.0% (Pelt wt.) Buffalo

After liming, fleshing and deliming:
100% Water 37°C
0.1% Rockol 642
X% Rockenzyme 7500-L 30-60 min drain
Check bating process & Drain
300% Water 25°C 15 min drain
300% Water 20°C 15 min drain