Rockytan ROS

Rockytan ROS is a general-purpose replacement syntan for the retanning of chrome leather containing formaldehyde and vegetable tannage.



Appearance White powder
Nature Phenolic Replacement Syntan
Ionity Anionic
Solid Content, % Min 97
pH (1:10 Solution) 2-3
Solubility Soluble into water
Density (gr/cm3) 0.5-0.6
Packing 25 Kg’s PE Bags
Shelf life 24 months

Application & Recommendation

Rockytan ROS can be diluted with both cold and warm water. It is suitable for all types of leathers.

Rockytan ROS gives almost a white leather with a medium firm handle. As it has low astringency, the fine pattern of the grains is preserved.

Rockytan ROS imparts a soft handle to the leather and along with the vegetable tannings, it brightens the color of leather. It also has a great levelling effect on dyes.