Rockytan ROS

Rockytan ROS is a general[1]purpose replacement syntan for the retannage of chrome leather containing formaldehyde and for vegetable tannages.


Application & Recommendation

Rockytan ROS can be diluted with cold and warm water. It is suitable for all types of leathers. Rockytan ROS gives almost a white leather with a medium-firm handle. As it has low astringency the fine pattern of the grains is preserved.

Rockytan ROS imparts a soft handle to the leather and along with the vegetable tannins, it brightens the color of leather.

It has a great leveling effect on dyes. Leathers retanned with Rockytan ROS show superb buffing and embossing properties. Its filling effect will be better if it is used in combination with resin tanning materials like Rockytan RR7.