Basic Chromium Sulphate

Basic Chromium Sulphate has a high tanning power. It is a drum dried powder in green color which is easily soluble in cold water and very soluble
in hot water.
Rock chemie’s BCS does not contain hexavalent chrome.



Appearance Green Powder
Nature Basic Chromium Sulphate
Basicity, % 33 – 35
Ionity Anionic (electrolyte stable)
Cr2CO3, %: 25 ± 1
Packing 25 KG PE bags
Shelf life 24 months

Application & Recommendation

Basic Chromium Sulphate can be used in tanning and retanning of any kind of leather including hides or skins. Due to its properties, our product meets all requirements of a good leather tanning of any kinds. Leather made with this product is fine in grain and has a good compactness. It is compatible with other standard products used together with this product.