Rockol DGS-100

Rockol DGS-100 is a very strong nonionic solvent-based degreasing agent in the leather industry. It is mainly used in wet-blue processing. It extracts and emulsifies excess fats and impurities from the skin.

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Application & Recommendation

Rockol DGS-100 degreases the hides/skins by its high penetration effect in all types of pickled and wet-blue processing with a very high degreasing property for removing excess fats and impurities during degreasing and chrome tanning. Due to the solvent content, it does not need any additional solvents for degreasing. For higher powers, it is recommended to combine this product with a nonionic degreasing agent like Rockol DGS-100 up to 1.5%. It is mainly used for high greasy skins like Sheep