Rockytan NLB

Rockytan NLB is a synthetic retanning agent which is based on a copolymer of melamine and sulphited phenol. It is suitable to be used in retanning process before and after fatliqouring


Application & Recommendation

  • Proper for both hides and skins.
  • High light resistance.
  • No effect on color shades in the drum.
  • Finished leather is completely soft with good feeling touch.
  • It can be used before and after fatliquoring in the tanning and retanning phases.
  • We recommend that Rockytan NLB is used in white crusts, other light color crusts, and dark colors, because it does not make any problem in the different types of color shades.
  • Tanners could avoid all the problems by adjusting pH carefully in order to produce a high-quality finished leather