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Rockytan NLB

Rockytan NLB

Rockytan NLB is a synthetic re-tanning agent which is based on copolymer of melamine and sulphited phenol. It is suitable to be used in retanning process before and after fatliquoring.

AppearanceWhite powder
NatureMelamine & Phenol Copolymer
pH (1:10 Solution)4.5 – 5.5
SolubilitySoluble into water
Density (gr/cm3)0.5 – 0.6
Packing25 Kg’s PE Bags
Shelf life24 months
  • Proper for both hides and skins.
  • High light resistance.
  • No effect on color shades in drum.
  • Finished leather is completely soft with good feeling touch.
  • It can be used before and after fatliquoring in tanning and retanning phase.
  • We recommend that Rockytan NLB be used in white crusts or even in other light color crusts and dark color, because it does not make any problem in the different types of the color shades.
  • Tanners could avoid all the problems by adjusting pH carefully in order to produce a high-quality finished leather.

Containers should be well sealed to prevent water evaporation and skin forming. The product must be stored between 5-25°C. Freezing and direct sun light must be avoided.
Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for this product prior to use.