Rockytan VEG-420

Rockytan VEG-420 is a vegetable tanning agent which has high effects on the tanning of various kind of leather.



Appearance Free floating Beige & Brown Powder (2 colors)
Nature Extraction of Oak and Root of Trees
Solubility Soluble into water
pH (1:10 Solution) 8 ± 0.5
Density (gr/cm3) 23 ˚C 0.4 – 0.6
Packing 25 Kg’s Bags
Shelf life 24 months

Application & Recommendation

It is fully vegetable based syntan
It is free of any chemicals or synthetic tanning agent
It can be used with various kinds of vegetable and non-vegetable tanning and retanning agents
It does not create any bad smell on the crust and made article