Rockytan VEG-420

Rockytan VEG-420 is a vegetable tanning agent which has high effects on the tanning of various kinds of leather.


Application & Recommendation

Rockytan VEG-420 is a fully natural and free of any synthetic and mineral material tanning agent. It can be used as a tanning, filling, and weighing agent in various types of leather. Rockytan VEG-420 can be used instead of Basic Chromium Sulphate for making vegetable-tanned leathers. This product is free of any heavy metals and synthetic mineral chemicals and it also can be used in retanning stages. Rockytan VEG-420 is compatible with all the other vegetable tanning and synthetic tanning agents. The shade of color of Rockytan VEG-420 on the leather is light yellow, however, if it is used with other bleaching syntans, the tanned leather with Rockytan VEG-420 will be slightly yellow.