Rockytan RPAK

Rockytan RPAK is a lightfastness, anionic retanning material in powder form with a pronounced neutralizing and buffering effect and excellent dyeing properties.



Appearance Beige powder
Nature Organic & inorganic compounds
Ionity Anionic
Solid Content, % Min 97
pH (1:10 Solution) 6.5 ± 0.5
Solubility Soluble into water
Density (gr/cm3) 0.65 ± 0.5
Packing 25 Kg’s PE Bags
Shelf life 24 months

Application & Recommendation

Rockytan RPAK has very good neutralizing capacity.
It has excellent lightfastness.

Rockytan RPAK can be used single in neutralization process. It is used as neutralizing tanning and retanning materials for Aniline, Nubuck, Suede and other types of leather, where full colors, brilliance, levelness, lightfastnessand heat resistance are desired. Its better application occurs, when it’s used between Sodium formate and bicarbonate about 1.5 – 2% for 45-60 minutes.