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Rockdizol T-200

Rockdizol T-200

Rockdizol T-200 is an oil-soluble, insoluble in water inhibitor. It is an outstanding inhibitor for use in continuous treating applications, and exhibits good filming characteristics in batch treating application.

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Appearance Brown color
Nature Amino Imidazoline
Specific Gravity
Flash Point (open
Solubility(20%) in
Oil( ˃30°c)
Packing 200 kg PE drums

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Application & Recommendation

Rockdizol T-200 must be diluted in hydrocarbons at least in 20% before use.
Rockdizol T-200 is used to control corrosion in gas wells, gas pipelines, gas plants, and gas-lift producing systems.
Recommendations for any corrosion inhibition program will depend upon the specific condition of the system. The following are intended to serve as general application guidelines.

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Features & Benefits

  • Contains special emulsion prevention chemical.
  • Specifically formulates for use in hot, wet or dry systems.
  • High thermal stability (400 °F)
  • Soluble in Hydrocarbons and alcohols.

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International shipping references

Transportation of Rockdizol T-200 is not restricted by any regulatory agency.