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Rockdizol T-200

Rockdizol T-200

Rockdizol T-200 is an oil-soluble, insoluble in water inhibitor. It is an outstanding inhibitor for use in continuous treating applications, and exhibits good filming characteristics in batch treating application.



Appearance Brown color
Nature Amino Imidazoline
Specific Gravity
Flash Point (open
Solubility(20%) in
Oil( ˃30°c)
Packing 200 kg PE drums


Application & Recommendation

Rockdizol T-200 must be diluted in hydrocarbons at least in 20% before use.
Rockdizol T-200 is used to control corrosion in gas wells, gas pipelines, gas plants, and gas-lift producing systems.
Recommendations for any corrosion inhibition program will depend upon the specific condition of the system. The following are intended to serve as general application guidelines.

Features & Benefits

  • Contains special emulsion prevention chemical.
  • Specifically formulates for use in hot, wet or dry systems.
  • High thermal stability (400 °F)
  • Soluble in Hydrocarbons and alcohols.


International shipping references

Transportation of Rockdizol T-200 is not restricted by any regulatory agency.