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Rockytan TAK

Rockytan TAK

Rockytan TAK is an anionic retanning and neutralizing syntan with good buffing and dyeing properties.



Appearance White powder
Nature Organic and inorganic
Ionity Anionic
pH (1:10 Solution) 7.5 – 8
Safety According to the best of our experience, it does not have any harmful effect on health
Packing 25 KG PE Bags
Shelf life 1 year


Rockytan TAK has very good neutralizing capacity. It has excellent lightfastness.
Rockytan TAK can be used single in neutralization process.
It is used asneutralizing tanning and retanning materials for aniline, Nubuck, suede and other types of leather where full colors, brilliance, levelness, light fastness and heat resistance are desired.
Its better application occurs when used between Sodium formate and bicarbonate about 0.1-0.7% for 30-45′.
Note : Due to its buffery effect, when used in neutralisation, the PH does not exceed 7-7.5
even by adding powerful alakalies like caustic soda.
300% Water 35°C
1% Sodium Formate 30′
0.1-0.7% Rockytan TAK 30′
0.5-0.7% Sodium Bicarbonate 30′