Rockytan RHP

Rockytan RHP is a light fast chromium- containing condensation product of phenolic sulphonic acids. Rockytan RHP has a very low astringency, thus it imparts a grain smoothness and fineness. As it has good stability to electrolytes, thus it is suitable for all procedures. It promotes brilliant, intense shades


Application & Recommendation

Retanning with Rockytan RHP completes the chrome tanning, so different wet blues can be largely normalized. Also, it can be used in pre-tanning and tanning, so gives a good handle and outstanding dyeability.

Rockytan RHP is a chrome syntan complex used for leathers, where the chrome character has to be conserved. Leathers retanned with Rockytan RHP have the following properties:

  • Bright color
  • Excellent light fastness
  • Full, deep and brilliant shades are obtained with anioic dyes
  • Smooth grain
  • High tear strength with high shrinkage temperature
  • High full filling and round handle