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Rockdefoam RFD-50

Rockdefoam RFD-50


Rockdefoam RFD-50 is a silicone emulsion highly concentrated defoamer. It is highly effective silicone based antifoam emulsion developed for use in the various applications especially in the Fermentation processes.


Rockdefoam RFD-50 is used as a processing aid for a wide variety of food processes including the following:

– Fermentation processes

– Bottle washing

– Brewing

– Low foam washing formulations

– Paper coating

– Sugar beet processing

– Sugar molasses

– Vinegar manufacture

1- Charge 100 kg’s of Rockdefoam RFD into vessel

2- Start mixing (stirrer must be anchored and 20-35 RPM)

3- Charge 20 kg’s DM hot water (80-85°C) and mix for 0.5 hour

4- Charge 30 kg’s DM hot water (80-85°C) again and stir for 0.5 hour

5- Continue step 4 until desired defoamer activity

Note: You can add cold water after step 4. It can be diluted 2-3 percent emulsion and will be stable for a day.