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Macrosill MSP-35

Macrosill MSP-35


Macrosill  MSP-35  is  a  macro  emulsion

based softener used in textile finishing.

It gives shear stability to the pad rollers and also smooth, soft and resilient touch to the

finished goods.


Macrosill MSP-35 improves technological

properties, like sewability, abrasion resistance and tear strength, significant crease recovery. It also imparts hydrophobic effect and great resistance in washing. It is notable that silicone emulsion based on long- chain amino functional polysiloxanes with reactive terminal groups cause stability problems, particularly at high speeds and long running times. The important point for silicone softeners used in padding is good shear stability of the emulsions. it is not recommended for light colors.

The product should be well sealed and must

be stored in covered area between 5-25°C. Freezing and direct sun light must be avoided.