Rockasoft RNY

Rockasoft RNY is a non-ionic textile softener specially developed to overcome incompatibility problem of cationic softener in finishing bath. Using Rockasoft RNY imparts good softness and pliability to fabrics. This product is especially important during coating process where anionic chemicals are used.

Rockasoft RNY has virtually no effect on shade and light fastness of dyeing and prints and is the best suited for white goods.



Applications & Remarks

Rockasoft RNY can be applied both by exhaustion as well as padding techniques.

Rockasoft RNY can be used as softener and body filling agent for cotton and synthetic fabrics along with their blends.This product is compatible with all types of additives in textile finishing.

Preparation of 20 % paste from concentrate

  1. Take 20 kg of Rockasoft RNY Concentrate.
  2. Add 80 kg warm water (58 – 60°C)
  3. Mix well with stirrer till the concentrate is fully dispersed in water.
  4. Cool down the paste to obtain ready non-ionic softener white paste.