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Mergatil RK-90

Mergatil RK-90

Mergatil RK-90 is a formaldehyde-free, VOC-free, fast-acting, effective, liquid in-can preservative with a broad – spectrum of activity against bacteria, yeasts and molds, designed for protection of aqueous systems. It provides an excellent headspace protection. Intended for use in aqueous products with a range of pH 3-9.

Mergatil RK-90 must be added in 45 – 47°C to the product (Process) and more than this temperature isn’t allowed. Maximum temperature for thermal stability is 50°C.

Mergatil RK-90 is a microbiocide that is effective against bacteria, yeasts, molds and algae. It is used as an industrial microbiocide for adhesives, building materials, pigment dispersions, emulsions, paints and coatings. Isothiazoline derivatives are effective biocides (antiseptic agents, preservatives, bactericides, slimicides, and fungicides). The biggest application is in paint industry especially marine antifouling agent. Mergatil RK-90 is widely used in adhesives, cutting oils, water systems, cosmetics, household goods and wound protectant for pruning cuts. They are also used as pulp and wood impregnating agents as well as in leather, fur and polymer process. It is best if Mergatil RK-90 is added to the initial phase of production; however, if excessive temperatures or pH values occur, addition at the end of the manufacturing process is recommended. Typical usage rates are 0.01-0.30% grm per ltrs based on the total weight of the formulation.
Mergatil RK-90 has a very broad activity spectrum against bacteria, moulds and yeasts that may cause infection and deterioration of water based products, including the following organisms: