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Mercolan RA-40

Mercolan RA-40

Mercolan RA-40 is a highly effective and low viscosity dispersing agent based on acrylic chemistry. It is especially suitable for the dispersion of inorganic pigments in water-borne coating systems.

Mercolan RA-40 is based on an organic polymer and provides improved storage stability of both pigment dispersion and formulated paint when compared with inorganic dispersing agents such as polyphosphate products. There is little or no adverse reaction to high temperatures or PH. Systems. 


Mercolan RA-40 preparations are ideal dispersing agents for a wide range of water-based coatings. They can be used as supplied.

The neutralizing alkali used in conjunction with the acrylic polymer can significantly impact the properties of the final coating. Mercolan RA-40 releases ammonia during the drying process and therefore has little impact on the resistances to water and alkali of dry film.The use of Mercolan RN- 40 should be limited to pH 5 – 10.5 and temperatures lower than 70 °C due to potential loss of volatile ammonia.

Recommended dosage for this product is generally advised as 0.5–2.0 % on total pigment weight but it is strongly recommended to run trials before final usage.