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Rockawax MUPE-100

Rockawax MUPE-100

Rockawax MUPE-100 is an emulsion wax based on oxidized polyethylene. This wax is dissolvable in hot water and could be used in emulsion form.


Adding a strong preservative for emulsions that should be maintained more than one week is obligatory.Mergatil RK-90 of Rock Chemie can be added 0.2% to 0.1% or sodium benzoate is recommended. Although, this emulsion has high stability in different conditions from the environmental point of view, but stirring it before using is recommended.

Advantages :
This wax is dissolvable in water and it can render a uniform and stable emulsion.
This product is free from non-
standard chemicals like: formaldehydes, Alkyl phenol Etoxylate detergents and etc.
It is compatible with a wide range of anionic, cationic and amphoteric additives.
This product is dilutable with different types of aromatic solvents and organic esters.
It has no bad odor so that it is useable with a wide range of perfumed additives.
Handling is very easy.
It’s emulsion is compatible with different types of organic dyes.
* This product is applied in a wide variety of industries.

and increase temperature to 75-80°C.then start the Mixer with 35-65 RPM and run it for 30 – 60 minutes

Leather Wax (Natural/Synthetic) Emulsion of this product has filling and softening properties and its handle on natural leather is excellent.
The emulsion should be added to ready paste of pigment resin to amount of 2 -3 %.

This product can prevent from sticking of the finished leather to the press equipment. After final finishing of leather, you can use from blend of 20% emulsion of this product with emulsion silicon.

Textile Industry

25% emulsion of this product can be widely regarded as a very good softener with weighting effect and also, itcan enhance the fabric sew ability. This wax can be combined with different types of softeners (cationic,anionic and non-ionic) and also with types of printing binders, non-woven resins, fluorocarbon resins, waterproofing resins and fabric coating resins simultaneously.

Wood Industry
This product can be a very good coating for different types of woods. 35-40% emulsion of this wax can be applied on woods by methods of Spraying, Brushing and Dipping. It can, also, protect expensive woods against scratching and rubbing during handling.

Dilution method of Rockawax MUPE-100:

First Method:
Prepare 80°C DM water to 65 – 90 % and adjust its PH to 5-6 with acetic acid. Meanwhile, the water hardness must not be above 50 ppm.
Pour 10-35 % of Rockawax MUPE-100 in the vessel and start the mixer with 35-65 RPM and run it for 30-60 minutes So that, the flakes are covered by water until a uniform product is formed. When you make sure that the whole of flakes been dissolved in water, you must reduce the temperature to 45 °C and then discharge it. Moreover, into during of Mixing, the water temperature must not be lower than 78– 80 °C.
Second Method:
Specified amounts of Rockawax MUPE-100 and DM water will be poured in Steel double jacked container and increase temperature to 75-80°C.then start the Mixer with 35-65 RPM and run it for 30 – 60 minutes.