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Rocktamol WS-Liquid

Rocktamol WS-Liquid

Rocktamol WS-Liquid is a very suitable dispersing agent for dyeing of: polyester, triacetate fibers with disperse dyestuffs, blends of Polyester/Wool with disperse. Dyeing of cellulose fibers with vat dyes and also pigment.


Rocktamol WS-Liquid must be dissolved initially in water between 1-4 g/l and then add dyestuff. Rocktamol WS-Liquid maintains the fine dispersion of the dyestuffs during dyeing process.


Rocktamol WS-Liquid is a very strong dispersing agent for pigment paste emulsion making. 1 – 3% of the product must be dissolved in water and added in pigment yield (powder, emulsifiers, water and other additives) simultaneously and run the processes to certain time and desired fine emulsion.