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Microsill ASP-40

Microsill ASP-40

Microsill ASP-40 is an Eco-friendly and Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylate free, Silicone based micro-emulsion softener and additive for textile finishing. It is compatible with most of the finishing agents, but if several items are mixed together, the compatibility should be tested in the first step.


Microsill ASP-40 can be used in the finishing of woven and knitted fabrics composed of cellulosic fibers.It gives the fabric smoothness and soft touch, improved sewability, crease recovery, great resilience and abrasion resistance, improved elastic recovery of knitwear and superb wash fast finishing effects.

The dosage of consumption is between 10 and 30 g/l.

Some advantages of this product is as below:

Durable wash fast finishing effects;
Abrasion resistance;
Crease recovery;
High sewability;
Smoothness and soft touch.