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Rockafix ED

Rockafix ED

Rockafix ED is a very strong direct and reactive dye fixing agent for the improvement of the wet fastness.


Rockafix ED is used for the improvement of the wet fastness of direct and reactive dyeing. It causes a resistance improvement of the fastness to water, washing and perspiration. The product shows very good effects with relatively small application quantities. Also in case of certain reactive dyeing, where a complete removal of the hydrolyzed dyestuff portion with soaps is impossible an after treatment with. It improves the wet fastness.

Rockafix ED is diluted with cold or warm water. The application quantities depend on the color intensity and dyestuff and are 1 – 3% for the exhaust process in the PH range of 5 – 6 at 40 – 50°C for 20-30 minutes and 5-15 gr. /L for the continuous process.