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Rockapon WA-22

Rockapon WA-22

Rockapon WA-22 is a concentrated detergent with excellent oil removal and wetting properties, permit virtually foam-free and thus trouble free processing, even under the extremely turbulent conditions encountered in jet and package dyeing machines. Extremely low foaming, high performance detergent, designed.


Rockapon WA-22 can be successfully employed in all washing processes where there is strong liquor turbulence. As it is a high concentration product significantly less of the product can be used compared to most conventional, single strength detergents. This can result in cost savings and reduction in product and drum handling.The product can be used in the following areas: (Dosages vary from 0.6-0.8 g/l and 1:6 liq.owf) High agitation continuous processes Bleaching of cotton knit goods in jet or yarn in package dyeing Washing polyester and polyamide goods in jet dyeing machines Prescouring of nylon / spandex hosiery garments in atmospheric pressure Washing polyester/wool knit goods in jet dyeing machines Soaping after dyeing and printing.