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Rockytan RDLE

Rockytan RDLE

Rockytan RDLE is a phenolic condensation product used in any white and soft leather and imparts them a good fullness and light fastness.

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Appearance Light Beige Powder
Nature Phenol condensation
Solid content% 97 ± 2
Ionity Anionic
pH (1:10 solution) 3.3 ± 1
Packing 25 KG PE Bags
Shelf life 12 months

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Rockytan RDLE is suitable for all kinds of leathers and to ensure that the good light fastness can be achieved with this product, it is necessary to make sure that the other used chemicals such as syntans and fat liquors are light fast. The dosage of consumpt ion is 3-8% and based on the wet blue shaved weight.