Rockytan LF

Rockytan LF is a phenolic retanning agent which can be used for any type of leather retanning. It is compatible with synthetic and vegetable tannins, fatliquors, anionic dyes and other chemicals. It has excellent filling and mellowing and some bleaching effect.

Rockytan LF is a light fast retanning with good dispersing effect on anionic products.


Application & Recommendation

Rockytan LF is particularly suitable for pale, pastel coloured and for white leathers but when used in dyed leathers it should be used in the proper stage for giving a very good filling and mellowing effect. Rockytan LF imparts the leather with good lightfastness.

Rockytan LF is used for all types of leathers to obtain a very full result single or in combination with other Rockytans. It’s outstanding dispersing and softening effect, helps the fatliquors to be reduced. The percentage of use depends on the type of leather and varies from 3 to 10% (based on the shaved weight). Also, it can be used together with Mimosa extract for better absorption.