Rockformin ECO-FIX

Rockformin ECO-FIX is a bio-degradable, eco-friendly and non-flammable product specially developed for the leather industry, as a dye-fixing agent and pH regulator during the tanning process. In comparison with formic acid (which is a non-eco-friendly, toxic, and difficult-to-handle product used as a dye-fixing agent), Rockformin ECO-FIX gives neither the same harshness (Compared to formic acid) nor does it make any adverse impact on the polymer/fiber structure or luster of the leather during tanning.

Rockformin ECO-FIX also reduces the consumption of auxiliary chemicals, dyes and also effectively fixes the dyes onto the leather, so it reduces the total cost of production. Being a non-polluting and eco-friendly product, using Rockformin ECO-FIX reduces the effluent treatment cost as it does not damage the membrane of the effluent the treatment plant in comparison with formic acid.


Application & Recommendation


For Cow and buff wet blue production:

The advantage of using Rockformin ECO-FIX in the wet blue stage is as below:

  • It accelerates the pickling process.
  • It gives uniform chrome tannage, fast penetration and smooth grains.
  • It avoids drawn grains and creases in the wet blue stage.
  • It has great bleaching properties and makes the wet blue brilliance.
  • Complete exhaust of the syntans and fatliqours.
  • It deeply penetrates the chrome

1- User/ Eco-friendly and cost-effective product.

2- Specially formulated as a non-polluting product for leather tanneries.

3- Easily soluble in water.

4- Ensures higher dye depth without affecting the grain surface.

5- Effective for pickling, fatliquoring and dye-fixing.

6- Giving a better touch, smoothness and great penetration to the leather.

7- Being used in the same dosage as Formic Acid 85% and in some cases even less

 than that.

8- Compatible with other leather chemicals and auxiliaries.

9- Giving much better strength, superb color and

 excellent finish to the final leather.