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Rockapon SA-18

Rockapon SA-18

Rockapon SA-18 is an efficient sequestering agent for calcium, magnesium, and heavy metal ion which retains its effective performance at high temperatures and also in the presence of high concentrations of electrolyte and alkali.


Applications & Remarks

Rockapon SA-18 can be used at all stages of textile processing; in scouring, bleaching, dyeing, printing or finishing. Rockapon SA-18 exhibits a ‘threshold’ effect to maintain clarity in supersaturated solutions of CaCO3, CaSO4, BaSO4, Fe(OH)3 etc., with very small concentrations of sequestering agent. Molecules of Rockapon SA-18  are adsorbed onto the surface of the growing nuclei during crystallization of calcium or magnesium scales, thus altering the crystal growth pattern and delaying or inhibiting scale formation.

To sequester calcium and magnesium impurities in a cotton knitted fabric and improve bleach whiteness. Add Rockapon SA-18 0.5 – 1,0 g/l to the normal bleaching recipe to achieve a marked improvement in whiteness and reproducibility.To sequester calcium and magnesium impurities in hard water and in a cotton knitted fabric and eliminate precipitation problems experienced in dyeing under the conditions where residual calcium and magnesium occur either in water or in the substrate resulting in dyestuff precipitation problems, addition of Rockapon SA-18  0.5 – 1,0 g/l to the reactive dye bath can eliminate problems of white precipitate on the fabric and lime soaps formed with addition of detergents.One bath dyeing methods for polyester-cellulose using disperse dyes and reactive or direct dyes under conditions where calcium and magnesium occur, either in the water supply, in the substrate or in the Glauber’s salt, Rockapon SA-18  , a high temperature sequestering agent, is recommended at 0.5-1,0 g/l. If metal impurities are known to be present in the fiber, Rockapon SA-18   0.5-1,0 g/l Is additionally recommended in the scour or scour bleach stage. Rockapon SA-18  in dyeing Reactive dyes and direct dyes High levels of calcium and magnesium, whether originating in the water supply, the salt used in dyeing, or in the cotton itself, may cause precipitation of certain dyes.

Some of Rockapon SA-18 advantages are listed as below:

►The sequestered metal ions remain in the solution, even in the presence of precipitating agents.

Rockapon SA-18 is hydrolytically stable and therefore much more effective than polyphosphates at high temperatures.

Rockapon SA-18 is capable of suspending and dispersing the soil during scouring and bleaching and preventing its re-deposition.

Rockapon SA-18 encourages separation and dispersion of colloidal suspended particles. It is used with silicate in peroxide bleaches, stabilising the peroxide and preventing insoluble silicates.

► No demetallising of metal-containing reactive dyes.