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Rockaltal MS

Rockaltal MS

Rockaltal MS is a deliming agent which can be used singly for deliming stage in any type of leather, in drum, paddle or pit.

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Appearance White crystalline
Na2SO4 min % 2 (m/m)
SO2 content
min. 65,3 (m/m)
Content Iron
max. 0,02 (m/m)
pH 4 – 4.6
Safety According to the best of our experience, it does not have any harmful effect on health
Packing 25 Kg PE bags
Shelf life 2 years

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Antichlore in bleaching in textile industry
Antiseptic in production of cellulose esters Main raw material in production of sodium hydrosulfite, aromatic alcohols and aldehydes Color removing in paint and leather industries Disinfectant in cosmetic industry Various applications in paper, fiber, rubber and adhesive industries