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Bertafoam 1601

Bertafoam 1601

Bertafoam 1601 is a mineral oil based and non-Silicone defoamer which is designed to be used in many industries such as emulsion paints, agricultural sprays, printing colors & inks, adhesives, floor cleaning compounds, paper coatings and effluent systems.


In addition, the regular application, Bertafoam 1601 can be diluted with water and used in some cases. Due to the diversity of applications of Bertafoam 1601 in industries, it is difficult to list all the dosages of consumptions here. However, some of them are as below:

Effluent and wash systems:10 ppm
Paper coatings: 0.2 %
Floor cleaning compounds:– 0.3 %

Rapid foam eliminating;
Being dispersible in water to make
emulsions stable;

Being effective and economic;
Effective in acidic or alkaline systems;
Long lasting efficiency;
Stable under adverse pH conditions;
Non silicone based.