BASIC Chromium Sulfate

A powder tanning product with green color for non-herbal tanning


BASIC Chromium Sulfate is used in the leather production process as a powerful tanning agent. BCS is a green powder which is easily soluble in cold and hot water. It contains less than 10 ppm hexavalent chrome.

Specification Of Basic Chromium Sulfate
AppearanceGreen Powder
NatureBasic Chromium Sulphate
Basicity, %33 - 35
IonityAnionic (electrolyte stable)
Cr2O3, %25 ± 1
SafetyAccording to the best of our experience, it does not have any harmful effect on health
Packing25 KG PE Bags
Shelf life1 year

Application & Recommendation

BASIC Chromium Sulfate can be used in tanning and retanning of all leather types including hides or skins, due to its specific properties.

Apart from tanning effects, it imparts uniformity and evenness to the color of the leather. So, it could be used in dying process for any shades. Leathers made with this product have got fine grains with great compactness. BASIC Chromium Sulfate is also compatible with other standard chemical products used together with this product.