Water industry chemicals
Morpholine 99.5%Effective anti-corrosion agent for aqueous systems
N - Formyl Morpholine 99.5%Selective solvent for olefin line separation process
Amino imidazolineEffective corrosion inhibitor agent for water-based processes
Amido imidazolineEffective anti-corrosion agent for oil / solvent based petroleum processes
5-3-1 TriazineAn effective substance for reducing H2S
Carboxylic acidOne of the effective anti-fouling agents
30% and 50% polyacrylic acidOne of the effective anti-fouling materials
Acrylic acid - maleic anhydrideOne of the active ingredients against acid deposition
Bio side (Isothiazoline - CMIT / MIT)Bio side and Isotiazoline-Based Bacterial and Mold Control (CMIT / MIT)
Silicone and non-silicone antifoams