Sodium Sulfide

Sodium Sulfide is a yellow, flake with a sulfurous smell. It is used in various applications such as Leather, Mining, Pulp and Paper industries. Sodium Sulfide may also be applied in the production of Sulphur dyes and manufacture of other chemicals, wastewater treatment and soil & sludge treatment process.


Application & Recommendation

It is widely used in the leather industry (tanning) as a hair removal agent, mining industry (flotation of oxidized and mixed ores: copper, zinc, cobalt, molybdenum, nickel , and so on), pulp and paper industries, metal extraction from aqueous solutions, textile (Sulphur dyes) and chemical processing.


• Stock in a dry, well-ventilated and covered place and keep away from any sunshine and also contact with water during storage.

• Stock must be separated from acids and Oxidants Contact with acid releases poisonous and flammable hydrogen sulfide gas.

• If swallowed: Rinse mouth. Do NOT induce vomiting and immediately call a POISON CENTER or doctor.

• Fire Extinguishment: Use water or Dry powder. Do not use carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

• For more safety instructions, please refer to MSDS.