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Rockytan RRN

Rockytan RRN

Rockytan RRN can be used in tanning and retanning of white leathers together with chrome powder. If used in mineral tanning,it accelerates penetration and improves dispersion of tanning agents.Also it imparts a tighter and denser grain to leathers tanned orretanned with this product and in suede leathers gives finer nap.

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Appearance Faintly green powder
Nature Aluminum-chrome tanning agent
Cr2O3% 3.5%
Aluminum Content 14-15 %
Ionity Cationic
pH (1:10 Solution) 2.2-2.5
Safety According to the best of our experience, it does not have any harmful effect on health
Packing 25 KG PE Bags
Shelf life 1 year

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Rockytan RRN is soluble even in cold water and its solutions are compatible with acids, salts and chrome tanning agents. If used alone for tanning, it gives a white leather and in tanning wool skins, a comparatively pale leather is acheived without greening the wool. The consumption rate is about 2-3% in tanning (together with 5-6% chrome powder) and 2-4% in retanning (before neutralization).