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Rockdefoam SLT-660

Rockdefoam SLT-660

 Rockdefoam SLT-660 is an emulsified silicone developed for atmospheric dyeing and finishing. Due to its scientifically balanced emulsification system, Rockdefoam SLT-660 is stable to prolonged boiling and will not break down causing spotting and build up on goods and equipment. Rockdefoam SLT-660 can be used as an antifoam and defoamer. Rockdefoam SLT-660 should be added prior to other chemicals that may generate foam. For the most economical usage due to its stability, additions during normal running procedures are not generally necessary. Rockdefoam SLT-660 is easily dispersible in water and water phase systems.


Rockdefoam SLT-660 can be added directly to the foaming system or can be diluted with water prior to addition.

Rockdefoam ST-660 is effective at very low concentrations. 10 to 50 ppm is a good starting point. The concentration can be increased or decreased to establish the most economical concentration. Rockdefoam ST-660 is stable in acid, alkaline or neutral system.