Rockacryl GM9

Rockacryl GM9

Rockacryl GM9 is a pure acrylic emulsion with thermoplastic property. This product has very high sticky, powerful durability and high shear strength.
Appearance: Milky liquid
Nature Acrylic
Ionity Anionic
PH(1:10 solution) 7.5 – 8.5
Solid content % 55±1 %
Viscosity (Centipoises) 60 – 100
Solubility Dilute able with water in any ratio
Storage The product is cold sensitive and must be kept from freezing
Package In 200 Kgs drums
Safety It does not have any harmful effect on health

Rockacryl GM9 is a very strong adhesive with high cohesion property.

It is used as a high power adhesive for sensitive glues against pressure like: tape, label, carton label and etc


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