Rockytan RE-600

Rockytan RE-600

Rockytan RE-600 is a copolymer retanning agent based on acrylic monomers. It plays a very important role in filling of the loose bellies.Rockytan RE-600 helps to improve buffing characteristic on suede leathers also.
Appearance: Clear liquid
Nature: Acrylic
Activity %: 40 ~ 43
Moisture %: 60 ± 1
Ionity: Anionic
pH (1:10 solution): 7.5 ~ 8.5
Safety: According to our best experience, it hasn’t any harmful effect on health. for more information refer to MSDS
Storage Conditions: Store in a cool, dry, (15-25°C), out of direct sunlight.
Packing: 100,200 Kg’s PE open mouth drums
  • Rockytan RE-600 makes leather, very soft and full fill.
    Rockytan RE-600 is a very good retanning agent for all types of leather. It has also a good light fastness property in white crust. Before retannage, the leathers must be neutralized well.
    The dosageof consumption depends on the type of leather and varies between 1-4% (based on the shaved weight).

    After Neutralization:

    80% Water 35 °C

    X% Dye 45-60’

    1-4% Rockytan RE-600 30’

    + Other retanning agents

    Or after fatliquoring:

    1-2% Rockytan RE-600 30’