Rockenzyme ANWA

Rockenzyme ANWA

Acidic bating agent with anti-wrinkling effect. Is a bacterial protease produced by submerged fermentation of a Bacillus Sp. strain especially suitable for wet blue re-bating.

Rockenzyme-ANWA is an enzyme-based bating agent with an optimum efficiency at a PH range of 3-5.5. it can be used up to temperatures of 55˚C. Its dosage should be around 0.3-0.5%on hide and skin weight; in any case, it’s suggested to evaluate Rockenzyme-ANWA in small scale before going full stream in order to detect its best dosage in the process.

Attention: In order to high activity of this bating agent it should be used carefully in PH range above 6.5 and if in this condition is used in excess amount or time maybe cause damage in the hides or skins.

It is therefore extremely suitable for the application in the pickle process to remove pickle folds and to achieve a clean grain.

Wet blue can be treated with Rockenzyme-ANWA to level out the differences of the raw material and to improve the evenness and shade intensification of the dyeing. Also when our wet blue needs extra bating by this agent it get-at-able.

An acidic bate with Rockenzyme-ANWA is Particularly recommended for wet blue showing a

very compact and irregular fiber structure such as calf or goat skins.

It improves the evenness of the leather due to a better opening up of the fibers.

Application of Rockenzyme-ANWA often increases cutable area into the normally loose belly area resulting in an even larger improvement in area.

Appearance: whitish powder
Trade form at 20˚C: powder
Activity %: 15000 LVU
PH-value ( 1:10 ) : 7-7.5
Shelf-life: Maximum one Year if stored dry. Rockenzyme- ANWA should be stored dry and below 30˚C. Opened packings should be consumed within 4 weeks.
Packing: 25 kg in plastic sacks on a pallet holding 1000 kg.

General recommendations for the use of Rockenzyme-ANWA:

Pickled sheepskins:

Percentages are based on pickled weight:

100%       Water 30˚C
5%       Salt       10′         Be=5
2% Sodium Formate
0.2-0.3% Soda Ash 5′
Add pelts 30′
Drain float
Bate: 50-100% Water 30˚C
1-2% Sodium Formate
0.4-0.5% Rockenzyme-ANWA
2% Rockol DGS-100 ( nonionic solvent degreasing agent )
or Rockol 642 ( nonionic degreasing agent )
90-120′ PH=3.5-4
Further processing as usual.

Wet blue goat skins:

Percentages are based on shaved weight:

200% Water 40˚C
0.3% Rockol 642 20′
Drain float
150% Water 40˚C
0.5% Rockenzyme-ANWA PH=3.5-4
Over night on automatic
Drain float
Further processing as usual

Wet blue calf skins or hides:

Percentages are based on shaved weight:

After rechroming as usual

150% Water 35˚C
2% Sodium Formate
1-1.5% Neutralization Syntan 60′
0.5-1% Sodium Bicarbonate 3×15′ PH=5.5
0.5% Rockenzyme-ANWA 90′ Drain and washing Further processing as usual

– Anti-wrinkling properties for both pickled hides and skins and wet blues.

– Remove the fold marks in pickled skins and wet blues.

– Noticeably increase the tear strength.

– Improve the smoothness and softness of grain.

– Increase the shade intensification of the dying.

– Increase the area yield ( between 3-5% ).