Rockenzyme 6500-L

Rockenzyme 6500-L

Rockenzyme 6500-L is a pancreatic alkaline enzyme which contains ammonium salts and buffers. It helps to produce a level smooth mellow pelt with excellent scud removal properties. Rockenzyme 6500-L is a bating agent which is suited universally for all kinds of leathers. By employing Rockenzyme 6500-L the grain clarity will be improved and all the excess proteins will be dissolved and removed from the pelt surface.
Appearance: Cream powder
Nature: Pancreatic alkaline enzyme
Activity %: 1500 lvu
PH(1:10 solution): Neutral
Safety : For More information refer to MSDS
Storage Conditions : Store in cool, dry , wellventilated area (15-25C), out of direct sunlight.
Packing: 25 Kgs PE bags

Rockenzyme 6500-L is very effective at temperature 33-37 °C and PH value 8.3 and removes impurities from the pelt.The dosage and the treating time, depends on the type of leather.

The recommendation for use is :

0.5-1.2% (Pelt wt.) Cow

0.4-0.7% ( ” ” ) Sheep

0.5-1.5% ( ” ” ) Goat

300% Water 25°C    15′ drain
300% Water 30°C    15′ drain
100% Water 30°C
0.1%   Rockol 642
+50% Water 37 C
X% Rockenzyme 6500-L 30-60′ drain
Check bating process & Drain
300%  Water 37C    15′ drain
300%  Water 20°C    15′ drain