• Sodium Sulphide
    60-62% with 10 ppm Iron content yellow flake , liming auxiliary

  • Rockformin ECO-FIX
    Rockformin ECO-FIX is a bio-degradable and eco-friendly, non-flammable product specially developed for the leather

  • Sodium Formate
    Sodium Formate is a white crystalline powder which can be used basifying and neutralizing agent in leather industry

  • Rockaltal RMB
    is a liming auxiliary which can be used instead of sodium sulphide

  • Rockenzyme 7500-L
    Rockenzyme 7500-L is a protease alkaline bating agent which contains ammonium salts and buffers.

  • Rockenzyme 6500-L
    Rockenzyme 6500-L is a pancreatic alkaline enzyme which contains ammonium salts and buffers.

  • Rapinal B
    Rapinal B is a powerful nonionic degreasing agent suitable for all kinds of hides and skins.

  • Rockol 642
    Rockol 642 is a powerful nonionic degreasing agent usually used in soaking, liming, deliming and degreasing stages

  • Rockbiocide LP-30
    Rockbiocide LP-30 is a low toxic fungicide and especially developed for wet blue protection against mould and fung

  • Negahdar IST-WB
    Negahdar IST-WB is an antibacterial for protection of wet blue against bacteria attack.

  • Rockytan RHP
    Rockytan RHP is a light fast chromium-containing condensation product of phenolic sulphonic acids.

  • Rockytan TAK
    Neutralizing syntan , Neutralizing retanning agent

  • Rockytan LF
    Phenolic syntan , Phenolic retanning agent

  • Rockytan RAB
    Phenolic lightfast syntan, Phenolic retanning agent

  • Rockytan RRN
    Aluminum tanning agent containing chrome, Aluminum retanning agent

  • Rockytan RD
    Rockytan RD has a very good filling action particularly on loose parts of the skin.

  • Rockytan RR7
    Rockytan RR7 is a resin tanning agent with a selective filling effect which contains formaldehyde, especially on loose

  • Rockytan ROS
    Rockytan ROS is a general purpose replacement syntan for the retannage of chrome leather containing formaldehyde

  • Rockytan RP2
    Naphtalene based synthetic syntan , Naphtalene based retanning agent

  • Rockytan RPR
    Naphtalene based synthetic lightfast syntan ,Naphtalene,synthetic retanning agent

  • Rockytan RSN
    Mixed of sodium lignin sulphonate& naphtalene , retanning agent

  • Rockytan NLB
    ROCKYTAN NLB i s a synthetic retanning agent which based on is copolymer of melamine and sulphited phenol.

  • Rockytan RPAK
    Rockytan RPAK is a light fast, anionic retanning material in powder form with a pronounced neutralizing and buf

  • Rockytan RE-300
    Rockytan RE-300 is an APEO free acrylic retanning agent for full chrome leather and chrome – Veg leathers .

  • Rockytan RE-600
    Rockytan RE-600 is a copolymer retanning agent based on acrylic monomers.

  • Rockol CS-414
    Synthetic fatliquor , Synthetic Leather fatliquors

  • Rockol LNE-918
    Rockol LNE-918 is a multi-purpose fatliquoring agent based on synthetic and natural condensated oils which can be

  • Rockol FM-222
    Rockol FM-222 is an all-purpose anionic marine fatliqure having high fat content and suitable for all kinds of leathe

  • Rockol 710
    Sulphonated castor oil(TRO) ,Leather fatliquors

  • Rockol RSL
    Sulphited combination of lanolin with natural fatty raw materials , Leather fatliquors

  • Rockol RUF
    Sulphated and Sulphonated natural and synthetic oil , Leather fatliquors

  • Rockol SAPIROM
    Rockol SAPIROM is an Synthetic & vegetable base Sulphited Fatliqour which can be used single or in combination w

  • Rockol ATLAS
    Rockol ATLAS is a universal fatliquor based on sulfonated natural oils which can be used in all types of hides and sk

  • Rockbinol 101
    ROCKBINOL 101 is a double purpose nitrocellulose lacquer which can be diluted with water and can be applied by s

  • Rockbinol 102
    ROCKBINOL 102 is a double purpose nitrocellulose lacquer which can be diluted with water and can be applied by spraying on all types of leather.