Rockdefoam RFD

Rockdefoam RFD

Rockdefoam RFD is a non-Silicone Emulsion high concentrated defoamer. It can be used in non-food industries specially. it is used for paint industry specially.

Appearance: Viscose milky liquid
Natue: Di methyl siloxane
Ionity: Nonionic
pH (1:10 solution): 5 ± 1
Solid %: 65 ± 1
Moisture %: 30 ± 2
Density (gr/cm³): 1.00 – 1.05
Safety : According to our best experience, it hasn’t any harmful effect on health
Packing: 100 kg’s PE open mouth drums

Rockdefoam RFD must be diluted in certain ratio before use; otherwise its activity will not be desirable.
Rockdefoam RFD is useful for full range of food process industries such as vinegar, sugar molasses, soft drink, pickle, potato, jam manufacturing, etc…
The dosage of consumption is 10 to 50 ppm undiluted product.

1- Charge 100 kg’s of Rockdefoam RFD into vessel
2- Start mixing (stirrer must be anchored and 20-35 RPM)
3- Charge 20 kg’s DM hot water (80-85°C) and mix for 0.5 hour
4- Charge 30 kg’s DM hot water (80-85°C) again and stir for 0.5 hour
5- Continue step 4 until desired defoamer activity .

Note: you can add cold water after step 4. It can be diluted 2-3 percent emulsion and will be stable for a day.