Rockdefoam PDK 6001

Rockdefoam PDK 6001

Rockdefoam PDK 6001 is a cost effective and multipurpose defoamer for the paper industry .Very effective in pulp mills and also the effluent treatment plant in paper industry.

Appearance: White thin fluid paste
Ionity: Nonionic
Solubility: Milky white Emulsion
Alkalinity: 2.3 to 3.1
Acid Value: 12 to 20 mg as KOH per gram
Packing: 170 Kg Net in Close Mouth Drums or HDPE carboys; 850 Kg net in IBC.

Rockdefoam PDK 6001 is a multipurpose defoamer with its application in Pulp mills for:
1) Acid pulp washing and screening;
2) Alkaline pulp washing and screening.
3) Rockdefoam PDK 6001 is effective in de-inking washing and screening

Rockdefoam PDK 6001 being a multi-purpose defoaming agent and it works effectively in Paper mills, Bleach plants and also in mill waste effluents.

Rockdefoam PDK 6001 is thin fluid paste and is dispersible in water. Hence it is pumpable as received. The most economic and effective point of addition is right ahead of the spot where foam is generated and troublesome.

Dosage will vary with individual mill condition and the place of its addition. Rockdefoam PDK 6001 has rapid knockdown properties and the dosages required are lower as compared with other conventional defoamers. Rockdefoam PDK 6001 should not be diluted below 2 -3 % while making the stock solution. Rockdefoam PDK 6001 being thin and pumpable can be fed directly to the system by suitable dosing pumps.