Rockdefoam DMS-100

Rockdefoam DMS-100

Rockdefoam DMS-100 is a dimethyl polysiloxane and silanes based high active silicone defoamer.
It is used in aqueous and non-aqueous systems. The product can be prediluted with 2-Ethyl hexanol, Toluene, M.E.K or similar solvents before usage. In toxicological aspects It is considered as a harmless product.

Appearance: White to grayish, opaque liquid
Nature: Dimethyl polysiloxane
Activity %: 98 ± 1
Odor: Neutural
Flash point °C: >200
Setting point °C: -50
Viscosity @ 25°C: S4 R100 5000-5600
Density(kg/m³): 970 – 980
Solubility: Insoluble in water, soluble in solvents, white oil and some alcohols
Solidification Point: +5°C
Safety: According to our best experience, it hasn’t any harmful effect on health
Packing: 100 kg’s, 200 Kg’s PE drums

This product is used in the following industries in both pure or emulsified:
– Chemical and petrochemical industries
– Textile and leather industries
– Producing of cleaning agents
– Producing of epoxy resins
– Filling processes
– Distillation and gas washing
– Oilfield industries
– Aqueous and non-aqueous polymerization processes
– Refinery process
– PVA polymerization
– Acrylic polymerization
The dosage of consumption varies to the type of application and is 0.001-0.01 g/l.

Rockdefoam DMS-100 is not water soluble but it can be emulsified with (Rockapon FAE-1830) as follow:
1. Charge 1 part Rockdefoam DMS-100
2. Add 2 parts Rockapon FAE-1830
3. Mix it for a while to uniform
4. Add certain quality of DM water to obtain desired percentage of defoamer emulsion after 2-3 hours
5. Add 0.1% preservative.

* Water must be di mineralize water
* No need to any heating but if you want to heat ,the temperature must not be more than 45°C-50°C
* Stirrer RPM of must not be more than 45-55, the viscosity and power of defoamer emulsion will be effected accordingly.
* If you do not add water into base defoamer and emulsifiers, it will separate after sometimes, hence you can not present 100% solid.