Rockchemie in brief

Rockchemie industrial group manufactures various types of specialized chemicals needed by the oil, gas, petrochemical, water, textile, leather, detergent, cosmetics, and mining industries, agricultural and petroleum additives, coal, and pesticides. This company was founded in 1989 by Mr. Mohammad Hossein Zahtabchian, and the company, with the production of 700 different types of chemicals and mass production volume, now is one of the largest manufacturers of raw materials. The factories of this industrial group are located in Eshtehard Industrial Town. Rockchemie Industrial Group has an integrated management system (based on ISO10004, ISO10002, ISO45001, ISO14001, ISO9001 standards) and relevant certificates issued by SGS. This company enjoys a relatively acceptable share of domestic markets and, by exporting its products to 68 countries, it has managed to be one of the pioneers in the export of chemical products to Iran. Rockchemie could also manage to emerge as a national model exporter in 1981, 1985, 1988, and 1992. This knowledge company, using its experienced research and development team, inside and outside Iran, has the possibility of simulating many imports and other products produced in the market.

Remarks of the CEO

The need to understand the business status in the new competitive market is felt more than before because of the speed of global developments and the disappearance of economic borders, the flattening of the world, the integration of organizations via complicated Internet information networks, shortening information transfer time, decreasing the number of organizations, changing and reducing jobs, and moving professions from depth to surface.

Today’s organizations, willingly or unwillingly, are part of an intertwined global economy that, regardless of their geographical, political, or social status, are made to accept competition from their international counterparts. In this regard, local governments can do not much.

Considering such points, we are ready to take advantage of all the unknown opportunities posed by these threats in critical and unpredictable situations, including the threats posed by global economic crises and the slowdown in emerging economies to play an effective role in the national and global economy.

Our stable participation, as a company informed of its existence philosophy, in the export production will be possible only with your cooperation.


Rockchemie Industrial Group intends to become a leading company in research, development, and production of chemicals required in industries and end-products needed in society by creating a dynamic and knowledge organization and employing creative human resources.


Values ​​depicted by Rockchemie Co. are as follows:

  • Our first priority is customers.
  • Sustainable quality and increased productivity are at the forefront of all our decisions.
  • Promoting strategic attitude, innovation, and creativity among staff by developing organizational affiliation is one of our work priorities.
  • Paying attention to health, safety, and the environment are among the prerequisites in our organization.


Rockchemie Industrial Group produces chemical raw materials used in various industries including oil, gas, petrochemical, leather, cosmetics, construction and concrete, agricultural pesticides, water, textiles, paints and resins, ceramics, mining, steel, etc. It is one of the main manufacturers and suppliers of chemical raw materials in domestic industries and foreign markets. Relying on the capabilities of our creative team, in addition to playing a complementary role in promoting the competitiveness of the country’s industries, we also produce and supply the end products to consumers.