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October 29, 2016
October 29, 2016
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ROCKTRASIL-G1 is manufactured from the best quality; selectivity mined and scientifically blended clays under stringent process controls. While making bleaching earth special care is taken in maintaining the important properties like absorptive capacity, acid properties, catalytic properties, ion exchange and particle size distribution.

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Application & Recommendation:

Refining plant oil like:

Soybean oil, corn, palm, coconut oil ,sunflower oil, peanut oil cotton seed oil, olive oil, rice bran oil ,linseed oil, rapeseed oil .etc.

Refining animals oil like :

Fish oil, lard oil , tallow oil

Refining industry oil like:

Used lubricant oil, motor oil, engine oil, automotive oil, paraffin wax, olefin, and diesel.


Emerge and separate some matters, such as pigments, colloid, impurity, drum heavy metal in lipid which can cause oxidant and activator toxic.

How to Use ROCKTRASIL – G1:

1. According to the content of impurities and thickness, add proper activated bleaching earth, general usage 5%-10% for oil heavy.

2. Gasoline and diesel generally don’t need to heat, but sticky oil need to be heated, such as Vaseline, engine oil, open fire and steam is available. Generally  heating to 105 ℃ – 110 ℃, reaction kettle in iron in add white earth in advance; can prevent oxidation of oil or composite.



Decoloring ability :

Min. 95

Free Acid (as H2SO4):

Max. 0.25

Moisture %:

≤ 12

Particle size (200mesh):

Min. 95

Bulk Density g/ml :


Filtration rate (ml/minute) :


Activity Degree(H+m.mol/Kg) :


Oil Retention :



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