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September 26, 2016
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September 26, 2016
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Rockspin SY-1200

Rockspin SY-1200 is a spin finish for synthetic multifilament (BCF) for carpet yarns.
Rockspin SY-1200 is suited for high speeds in the further processing, drawn, twisted.

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Application & Recommendation:

Rockspin SY-1200 (spin finish oil) is either conc. or diluted 10 – 20% and the consumption rate should be variable between 0.5 – 1.2%.

Storage Condition:

The product must not store below +10°C. Below the temp.  The oil becomes turbid and then it must be stored for several days at 10-35°C and stirred Thoroughly before using.

According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above Data is true and accurate. Regarding to variety of consumption Procedures, it is recommended before use to evaluate the information.


Watery viscose liquid


Synthetic Oil



PH(1:10 solution) :

7 ±0.5

Solid Content % :

99 ±1 %


Easily miscible in water and will thick the yield


At 25°C, Spindle 2, rpm 100 is 115-135 cp


According to our best experience, it hasn’t any harmful effect on health


Available in 100, 200 and 1000 Kg PE Drums


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